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The ATU-20 is a remotely mounted ADS-B transceiver.  It incorporates a dual-link (1090 MHz and 978 MHz) receiver and 978 MHz UAT Class A1S transmitter.  The ATU-20 includes a precision WAAS GPS, altitude encoder, Wi-Fi support for interface to EFB applications, and integrates with a wide variety of existing Mode A/C/S transponders.

The Echo ATU-20 is designed to meet the performance requirements of TSO-C154c, and is compliant with FAR 91.225 and FAR 91.227 for operation in the National Airspace System.

Echo ATU-20 Render

echo ATU-20 ADS-B Transceiver for Light Sport (LSA) and Experimental Aircraft


  • UAT transmission (978 MHz)
  • Receive both UAT (978 MHz) and 1090 Mhz Extended Squitter transmitters
  • WAAS GPS reception with SBAS and RAIM
  • Altitude encoder (connects to existing static pressure system)
  • Transponder interface, allows monitoring of and integration with existing Mode A/C/S transponders
  • Traffic information from both UAT and 1090ES provide a view of nearby aircraft
  • GDL90 output over Wi-Fi to compliant Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) applications

Technical Specifications-Dimensions

Specification Value
Voltage/Power 6-29V/2W Avg.
Size 17.4×84.3×55.5mm
Weight 75 grams

Technical Specifications-UAT Receiver

Specification Value
Receiver Frequency UAT (978MHz)
Minimum Trigger Level (MTL) -93dBm
Dynamic Range -90 to -3dBm

Technical Specifications-1090ES Receiver

Specification Value
Receiver Frequency 1090MHz
Minimum Trigger Level (MTL) -88dBm
Dynamic Range -79 to 0dBm

Technical Specifications-UAT Transmitter

Specification Value
Frequency 978MHz
Transmit Power 20W nominal (43 dBm)
Equipment Class A1S

Technical Specifications-Connectivity

Specification Value
Wi-Fi Frequency 2.412-2.462 (North America)
Interface GDL 90
UAT/1090ES Antenna SMA
GPS Antenna MCX