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2020 Compliant GPS Position Source


SkyFYX combines a high precision WAAS GNSS sensor with an integrated RAIM processor. Resilient against jamming, spoofing and GPS range errors, SkyFYX provides reliable navigation in challenging environments.  SkyFYX is the most affordable ADS-B rule-compliant position source companion for the echoUAT.

The SkyFYX meets the performance requirements of 14 CFR 91.227. For use in Experimental and LSA aircraft.

SkyFYX 2020 Compliant GPS for Light Sport (LSA) and Experimental Aircraft


  • Performs in low sensitivity or high GPS multipath areas.

  • Battery backup fast TTFF.

  • Directly connects to EchoUAT transceiver.

  • Connects to popular EFiS from Dynon, GRT and MGL Avionics.

  • UTC timing output for multiple uses including UAT ADS-B medium synchronization.

  • Integrated RAIM processor for Security and Integrity Protection.

  • Advanced jamming and spoofing detection.

  • Uses SBAS corrections and health messages to detect and correct satellite range errors.

  • Satellite pseudo-range step errors detected and excluded.

  • SBAS fast and long term corrections applied.

  • US Patents Pending

Technical Specifications


Specification Value
Voltage/Power 11-33V/2W Avg.
Size 55x65x19mm
Weight 80 grams
Operating Temp -45 to 80°C


Specification Value
Tracking -166dBm
Reacquisition -160dBm
Cold Start -148dBm


Specification Value
NIC 7 – 0.2NM
NACp 11 – EPU < 3meters
NACv 1 – 10 m/s

COM1 Interface

Specification Value
Protocols NMEA + RAIM
Physical RS232 115200bps