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ADS-B Vehicle Tracking System


At airports worldwide, ground vehicle incursion into critical safety areas is rising. Vektor minimizes the risk by using a fully standards compliant, vehicle-mounted ADS-B transmitter that continually broadcasts a vehicle’s location. The transmitter can be permanently or magnetically mounted to all airside vehicles, including tugs, fire, rescue and de-icing equipment. Each vehicle is clearly and uniquely identified, providing an essential addition to any surface movement guidance and control system.

The design of Vektor ensures easy integration and interoperability with any multilateralization or ADS-B system based on ICAO Annex 10 defined Mode S Extended Squitter datalink.


  • Improved situational awareness

  • Safety enhancements under all weather conditions

  • Reduced Incursion Risk

  • SBAS-enabled GPS receiver and Mode S Extended Squitter ADS-B for highly accurate, reliable positioning

  • Ability to automatically disable transmission when vehicle leaves movement area

  • Low power consumption for connection to accessory power outlet

  • Field configurable via secure Wi-Fi

  • IP67 enclosure

  • Magnetic or mechanical mounting


Transmit Message Type DF18 Identification – Surface Position and Operational Status Messages per DO-260B
ADS-B Transmit Periods 
Surface Position 0.5 secs – vehicle in motion
5 secs – vehicle at rest
Identification 5 secs – vehicle in motion
10 secs – vehicle at rest
Operational Status 5 secs – always
Transmit Power 20 Watts peak power
Transmit Frequency 1090 ± 1 MHz
Pulse & Spectral performance DO-260B, DO-181C
Vehicle ID Field configurable
24-bit ICAO ID Field configurable
Operating Temperature -45 to +80 °C
Input Power 11 to 32 Volts DC, 1.5 Watts


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