ADS-B now supported in beta 3.4 APM software for copter and planes

Posted by Chris Anderson on July 3, 2016 at 5:01pm Native support for the uAvionix PingX ADS-B receiver is now available in beta of the 3.4 code for Copter, Plane and Helicopter.  Below is the procedure for loading the firmware on your Pixhawk/APM autopilot to visualize ADS-B compliant aircraft in your operational vicinity. Verify that [...]

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Landmark Rule Opens Skies to Commercial Drones

As new regulations lift barriers for unmanned aircraft, local technology gives entrepreneurs more flexibility The uAvionix pingNAV SBAS RX with Baro and ping2020 transceiver, pictured at a test flight extension facility in Somers on June 29, 2016. Greg Lindstrom | Flathead Beacon By Tristan Scott// July 5, 2016 // [...]

2017-03-23T21:34:05+00:00 July 6th, 2016|News| What Drones Carry

Without sophisticated sensor packages, modern drones are nothing but expensive RC airplanes. In this AVweb video, we look at some of the things drones can carry to observe the world below. (Source Visit Original Article

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Andy Rubin discusses uAvionix at the Bloomberg Technology Conference

Playground founder and CEO Andy Rubin shows some of his coolest new toys at the Bloomberg Technology Conference.  The uAvionix Ping discussion takes place around 10:20 mark. (Source: Bloomberg)   Visit Original Article

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NextGen ADS-B for Drones Tiny Transceiver Developed

Visit Original Article A Palo Alto, California, company has released the first in a series of lightweight Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast solutions for drones. The pingRX, at $175, is the first of these, enabling ADS-B In for drone pilots. The “detect” in “detect and avoid” is quite a challenge when it comes to drones, [...]

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Xponential News: uAvionix Shrinks Crash Avoidance Technology

Visit Original Article Anticipating the 2020 deadline by which all manned and unmanned aircraft must have collision-avoidance capabilities, Paul Beard is confident that his company’s Ping series of such devices will garner a significant niche in the marketplace. The Palo Alto, California-based company uAvionix Corp. now manufactures what it says is the world’s [...]

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Playground Global leads uAvionix series A investment

Visit Original Article   PALO ALTO, Calif., April 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- uAvionix, an emerging leader in aviation communication systems, has closed a $5 million Series A investment, led by Playground Global, a venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley. Playground was founded by Andy Rubin, Bruce Leak, Matt Hershenson, and Peter [...]

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Philip Rowse with uAvionix pingRX, 3DR and Ardupilot at NAB

Philip Rowse discusses the pingRX ADS-B Receiver for UAS/Drones at NAB 2016.  PingRX currently works with the 3DR Solo, Pixhawk Autopilot, Ardupilot or MAVLink enabled UAS/drones.  ADS-B allows drone pilots to view real-time commercial aircraft traffic on a live moving map using Mission Planner or other ground station software.

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UAS Vision: uAvionix Announces New Micro ADS-B Receiver for Small Drone Collision Avoidance

Visit Original Article Ultra Lightweight Low Cost ADS-B Transponder for UAS Micro-Avionix has developed an ADS-B suitable for UAVs of all sizes to improve flying safety for all.  The ping™ is the world’s first family of ultralight weight, low cost, ADS-B transponders. Weights range from an astounding 1.5 to 30 grams, depending on the [...]

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uAvionix Announces New Micro ADS-B Receiver for Small Drone Collision Avoidance

Visit Original Article uAvionix, a manufacturer of navigation electronics, has announced the introduction of what it claims is the smallest and lightest ADS-B receiver ever made. The pingRX weighs 1.5 grams and requires 1/100th the power of conventional ADS-B receivers. It implements “Sense and Avoid” capabilities for small drones operating in the National [...]

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