Update echoUAT Transceiver Software

  1.  Download the latest transceiver software for EchoUAT
    Echo Transceiver software version: 2.4.10(Released 10/23/2017)
  • Connect your PC to the Echo Wi-Fi
  • Open a web browser and access the EchoUAT at
    • Select the UPDATE link inline with ADS-B Version.

    • Select Choose File.

  • Browse to the .UAV file you downloaded in step 1, select the file and click Open.

    • Click Advanced and choose Device 2.
    • Click Update.

  • The bottom left-hand corner should show a progress value.

    • At the completion of a successful update, the Update success, device 2 restarting message will appear while Echo restarts.

    • Please note the versions shown on the page will not update until after the device has been power cycled.
  • If you disconnected your SkyFYX during the update please reconnect it and verify all configuration fields using the Echo mobile application.


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